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Originally Posted by woodynh View Post
I don't believe on the water it is age discrimanation. I do believe that many more stops are made for watercrafts then boats. I also think some officers also have a problem with boats that look fast.

When I got a ticket for boat type it said sped boat. No that is not a typing error that is what it said on the ticket. My boat is a Baja and clearly advertised in big letters all over the boat.

It is 365 hp not nearly as close to a speed boat as what he had with 2 300 hp outboards on the back.
I always keep a wary eye for the MP... and so far ..I have only been approached once (in 12 years) the Wolfeboro Town dock about my through hull exhaust. The MP just wondered if I had mufflers. I told him......"As far as I knew, I had no mufflers". I asked him to come aboard and have a look. He declined. There was no further conversation other than .."Have a nice day".

I have a Donzi Classic.
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