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Thumbs down Discrimination

Originally Posted by woodynh View Post
I don't believe on the water it is age discrimanation. I do believe that many more stops are made for watercrafts then boats. I also think some officers also have a problem with boats that look fast.

When I got a ticket for boat type it said sped boat. No that is not a typing error that is what it said on the ticket. My boat is a Baja and clearly advertised in big letters all over the boat.

It is 365 hp not nearly as close to a speed boat as what he had with 2 300 hp outboards on the back.
I agree. I have a Formula with about 300 HP. I seems that MPO's always pick on me whenever I am in a no rafting zone. I will be the first one there. Well away from other boats and fully aware of the rules. Yet they will ask me to pack up my 4 grandkids, 3 daughters and move. Or I will get ticket.

That is why you don't see too many performance boats in the no rafting area. Most performance boaters have the same story to tell.
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