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Originally Posted by jrc View Post
There does seem to be a intentional effort recently to use their boats and the 150' rule to either slow traffic or instigate an interaction. I could be imagining it. But a few weeks ago an MP seemed to try and pinch me between himself and some markers, I either had to slow or violate the 150' rule. There was no traffic and no other reason for his move.
You are right. They are rude. Perhaps that is why some call them pigs. This is a trick the MP pull all the time, and Iíve seen them nab folks with this trick for well over 15 years at the narrows near our place. It is a form of entrapment. Courteous boaters will see another boat coming and maneuver so each can pass the other legally. The MP often shifts direction to force the other to slow down. It is legal harassment, clear and simple. It is just the way some of the MP do their job. I have no idea if they are trained to do this or if it is just their own decision. Of course, it is a fool that does not recognize the well marked MP boats and falls for the trap.
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