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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Some years ago, I took some students to a planetarium show and, before we even sat down, a few had started a discussion about where the exits were and how they'd escape an emergency. It was the first time I'd discovered just how different my students' experience of the world is from mine.

This is what I meant by the question: do y'all have an escape plan at every moment? I find it very hard to, both on the boat and off.

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When in a public place, I always look for an escape route (or several). For example, Weds I was at the bar at Tap House Grill in Hooksett when the thunderstorm rolled through. Every cell phone in the place got a tornado warning message. At that time it looked like nothing was really going on weather-wise outside (no wind and very little rain). But I took the opportunity to look around the restaurant for a place to hide, just in case. I let my wife know where we were going, just in case. Of course nothing ever came of it, but we were ready.
But what really amazed me is that when the tornado warning came through on the cell phones, nobody did a damn thing. I didn't see any scared faces, no one really looking around. If there were a real tornado there, it would have been a real disaster.
Counter that information with this: I read on social media that when the tornado warning went off, the management at Bass Pro Shop in Hooksett had all customers and staff huddled up in a back corner of the store. Now that is being prepared.

Back to the lake: I only have a PWC, so if I get caught in a storm I have to find safe harbor somewhere. Would have to find a friendly dock to hide at.
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