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Default Safe mooring.

Find a dock that looks like it can handle your boat, dock your boat and secure it.

We had the same thing, sort of, happen to us. We were out on the boat and our outboard lower unit snapped. Called for a tow. By the time to tow arrived, there was bad weather approaching. The tow was to be from the Rum Point area to Alton Town docks. The weather was bearing down on us as we got inside Little Mark. The tow captain headed for a dock along rte 11D. He tied up on one side and we tied up on the other. After the storm passed, we continued our tow with no further issues.

We did try to make contact with the owners but could not make a connection. We ended up writing a thank you note along with $20-25 in an envelope and taped it to a door. Note had our name and contact info. Never did hear from gen.

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