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Default Anyone get caught?

Anyone get caught In that storm that blew through West Alton on Monday?
It was a bluebird day in every sense when we motored into Alton bay for a rest stop dog walk and ice cream.
Coming back out toward the main lake I noticed a black cloud hovering from the Southwest...hmmm...that doesnít look good!
Tapped the throttle a bit harder and hoping for the best, our luck was dampened with a sudden downpour a few minutes later. Then all heíll broke loose as I headed for the nearest cove to escape the wind. We had forgotten our Garmin but I was confident about traveling the lake as I have been doing a lot of fishing.
The shoreline looked to be deep water with a couple of rocks here and there closer to the rocky shore. I did my best to keep my bow into the wind with the motor running as the rain and wind pelted us unmercifully. About 15 minutes of that along with numerous thunder and lightning strikes nearby, it began to clear. It was pretty intense but my wife (who is afraid of thunder and lightning) was a trooper and our 3 year old granddaughter actually slept through it all!

Completely drenched, it was great to see the sun and even another downpour on the way past Welch with no thunder and lightning didnít keep us from making our way back to The Weirs. (Notice the empty Garmin Mount!)
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