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Originally Posted by Yosemite Sam View Post
Thanks chipj29 for finally making it clear that Cigarette style boats do not belong on Lake Winnibesaukee. The article that VtSteve posted makes it clear that even though a speed limit was in effect those cowboys could have cared less and proved it by killing six innocent people.
Lets not have a speed limit on Lake Winnibesaukee but instead lets ban all Cigarette style boats because it is clear now that the law doesn’t make a difference to these people.
Thanks again chipj29 for making me understand exactly what VtSteve was trying to tell us. Good job, now I can show this to the lawmakers in Concord to help them understand what is really wrong with our boating laws.
Sam, The state can regulate speed limits, however, don't you think it a real slippery slope when they start regulating the types of boats that would be allowed on the lake?
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