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I unknowingly played host to a tick sometime around 1995. That lead to 20 years of pain, on and off blurred vision, numbness, and lumps in some glans. I thought it was just old age pains from working so much. Apparently I was on the verge of death when a retired doctor diagnosed me at the bar one day in 2016.

The initial treatment was extremely testing. At one point I was unable to solve the simple equation of 2x8, and I have a very mathematical mind.

I am now on a maintenance program of monolauren which is a coconut derivative that breaks down the membrane around the cells which protect the parasites and then attacks them.

I would not wish what I’ve gone through on an enemy! Everything that can be done to repel ticks should be done before hiking, golfing, hunting, lawn work, ETC. Eat a lot of garlic!!

I feel much better now except I can’t hit a golf ball nearly as far.
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