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We walked down to the crazy gringo last night. The place was very busy, the drinks and food were very good and the staff was limited. 2 waitstaff 1 bartender and 2 in the kitchen. Our waitress was running her tail off, you could see how stressed she was trying to keep up with the customers needs. After a couple of margaritas and filling our bellies with some tasty Mexican food. We asked for our bill while complimenting the entire staff. The waitress told us their main cook decided to walk a few weeks back and the person running the kitchen stepped up to take control and has been doing an excellent job. Sounds like he was the young kitchen assistant. After hearing their experience and watching them run around the entire time we were there. I decided to leave a 60% tip and asked our waitress to make sure the young man that prepared our meal received some of the gratuity. Itís good to see individuals step up to keep our local establishments operating. Kudos to the entire staff at the Crazy Gringo.
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