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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
HB 188, amending the definition of headway speed. OUGHT TO PASS.
Rep. Patricia Bushway for Resources, Recreation and Development. This bill removes from the definition of
headway speed the reference to 6 miles per hour and establishes headway speed as the slowest speed that a
boat can be operated and maintain the ability to steer. The current definition that specifies 6 miles per hour
is too fast for some watercraft because they still create a wake. For some other craft, the speed may be too
slow to maintain steerage. The committee decision was informed by the input of the Marine Patrol. Vote 19-0.
The "Ought To Pass" Recommendation was adopted today by the whole house on a voice vote.
Anyone that's ever operated a boat going upstream into a stiff current can understand why this is dumb. Against a 5 MPH current, my boat can still steer at -1 MPH SOG. In other words, I can be going 4MPH against the water and be in total control of my boat while moving backwards at -1 MPH relative to the shore. If this passes, anyone that can steer their boat at 5 MPH or less may not legally go upstream into a 5 MPH current. They need to adjust the wording to make it clear that actually making headway is the goal when it comes to headway speed, defining the speed by steering capability alone is dumb dumb dumb...
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