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Arrow Getting Wetter Since 1983...

Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
Build your dock higher off the water, problem solved.
Wakes increase in height as they approach the shoreline. Most of our "splashed" areas are within eight feet of shore. Because of the professional custom fitting in 1983, the shoreline section would be the most difficult section to raise.

Anyway, it's not just the dock's surface that suffers from oversized wakes. Below the top boards, two cross members have suffered rot, so the opportunity to raise the dock was present this past summer.

(I'll explain how a home owner can replace piling dock cross members—without getting wet —in a later Home, Cottage, or Land Maintenance thread).

Raising wouldn't help, as it's the "rebound-splash" against shoreline boulders that is doing the soaking. I've placed a 2x10 vertically to reduce rebound-splash. It's not enough—as the dock stays wet, even as Lakeport lowers the lake level through the season.

Maybe move the boulders?
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