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Originally Posted by Taz View Post
I pay my fair share of taxes in a Winni shorefront town as well, on 2 properties. Not sure what that has to do with loons.

Just because shoreline developement can not be reversed does not change the fact that shoreline development is the major reason for loons losing most of their nesting sites.

I disagree with intensification in number and size of boat wakes. There are more and more pontoon boats and less and less large cruiser type boats. There are more and more people buying property off the lake locally and buying a small day boat/pontoon boat instead of living on a large cruiser for a weekend. Alot less large cruisers on the lake and many more pontoon and day boats.
I think you might be missing the newly prevalent wake boats, designed to make bigger wakes, and often operated in otherwise sheltered locations.

I spent 6 summers canoeing in a million acres of almost completely non-motorized lakes on the Minn./Ontario border where loons are prevalent. Every loon nest I saw was on a very wind protected and level, small shrubby shoreline, usually on a small island.
I would guess a great number of lakeside homes dont have this type of location and do not affect loon nesting at all. Homes back in coves are more likely to affect likely nesting but only if the right kind of shoreline is present. However just a number of homes & the associated activity would disrupt nearby nesting locations.
The nearness of people activity and the 'artificial' waves of boats in otherwise protected areas are a big problem.
Of course fishing is a great risk to loons as a fatal dose of lead is one large split shot. One. Fatal. And then discarded line is a scourge also, to all kinds of wildlife. fisherman need to abide by the no lead law & keep our discarded line in the boat. Wake boaters need to stay away from sheltered coves. All cove goers should be aware. Prime nesting areas could be protected or even conserved. Loons should be left alone even by kayakers.
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