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If only the good people of this great country could somehow be awakened or enlightened to see “beyond” the extremely, biased mainstream media...
I would like to think it’s happening slowly but I fear their minds are too closed and they feel the need to follow their party (democrat) right over the cliff.
So sad and disheartening that our country has become so divided over politics.
Whoever thought that the USA might EVER be on a path toward the sickening, idea of socialism.
I would never have thought this in a million years, yet here it is staring us in the face with the prospect of a few blue elections being won.
I would be so grateful to see America the way it was before...where our government debated issues and got common sense laws passed that took compromises from both sides and followed the will of the people.
What do we have? Oppose, resist, block, threaten, protest, riot, calls for violence and disruption of lives...etc., ad nauseum...not to mention the deep state and the loss of respect and trust for the institutions which were once the backbone of law, order and justice.
God help us.
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