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Default Question for Mcdude.

I recently saw some old postcards you had posted of Sunset Point on Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro, so I thought you might have some history of the property before 1938 when my Great Grandfather (Courtney Whitman) purchased it. The brief history of what our family knows is that it was called the Tea Kettle Camp, comprised of a main house and some small cabins. The main house was struck by lightning and burnt down sometime in the 1950's and the house that is there now was built soon after. In 1962 my Grandparents(Burt and Jacqueline Sommer) bought the back beach part of the property, where they built a summer house of their own. They are still there to this day. My Great Grandfather sold his side of the property in 1980 to a man named Ftorek, who also still lives there to this day and has made a great neighbor over the years. If there is anything you know about who originally built the Tea Kettle Camp or any additional information like that, our family would love to hear about it. Thanks.

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