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Hey guys and gals, I figured I'd resurrect my original thread after nearly a year of dormancy as I am finishing up my "second annual" visit to Rattlesnake island, and as much as I begged, pleaded, grabbed onto his leg as he was trying to leave the dock, the owner would not sell this place to me (and I don't blame him) but I digress.

I brought this post back to thank everyone who helped, made suggestions, offered their time, and especially the realists who told me I was crazy, I can't thank you enough for the tips and suggestions, especially IShoot308's lasso!, I didnt end up having to use it, but probably should have with a 12 mph wind pushing me towards shore I jumped like an idiot to secure the boat.

I still haven't bought a boat, I rented again but I'm glad I did, it cemented the fact that a 20' shallow vee doesn't cut it in anything but the calmest conditions on this lake and I nearly bought one this past offseason.

Island property is still the only property I am looking for, it may take some time for the right property to become available but I am willing to wait, self sufficiency needs to make a comeback and it'll start with my kids/grandkids.
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