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Originally Posted by Hivolt View Post
The only real trouble I had today was over steering at no wake speed. The nose of the boat was going right to left and I just couldn't find a happy medium, it that standard for a boat at no wake speed? Or was my boat maybe just a little worn as far as steering goes?

Thank you everyone for all of your help and advice, I was able to apply a great deal of the tips out there today.
One thing that seems to affect a lot of people is that they steer a boat like they are steering a car and expect the same instant results. Remember, you are steering with the stern, not the bow, and the bow will not move like the front of a vehicle does.

People tend to over steer because they don't see the bow moving left or right like their car does. Try turning the wheel about half of what you think you want to and then wait 5 seconds to see if you get the desired results. It will result in a lot less wandering. Also, don't look down at the bow but look ahead of the boat. These two things together will result in a lot less back and forth steering to maintain the desired course.
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