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Originally Posted by Hivolt View Post
Just an update:

I had my first half day on the lake today. Apparently there was some confusion in my reservation for the boat AND captain and I was unable to attain the services of a captain, but I figured i'd just go slow and get comfortable and see where I was time wise once I felt comfortable operating the vessel.
I started in Paugus Bay where I rented it and was content just staying there if I felt uncomfortable, after a half hour I felt like I had control of the boat so I decided to venture out the mouth.
I made it out of the mouth and decided I would take it real slow to see where I could get in an hour. I crawled through the buoys between eagle Island and Governors and crawled again through the channel markers at the witches, the lake was nice and calm and I ended up making it all the way to Wolfeboro where I tried my hand at docking at the fuel dock and again at the public docks....meh, pretty ugly but I got in with damaging ours or anyone elses boat, the wife and I still have to work out a good efficient system. I can't wait to do it again though.

The only real trouble I had today was over steering at no wake speed. The nose of the boat was going right to left and I just couldn't find a happy medium, it that standard for a boat at no wake speed? Or was my boat maybe just a little worn as far as steering goes?

Thank you everyone for all of your help and advice, I was able to apply a great deal of the tips out there today.
Boats wander at idle speed, just let it go, make small adjustments when you get too far off course, don't overcontrol it, my boat moves back and forth, you get used to it and it usually goes straight unless the wind is really blowing. I told my kids when they were learning not to worry about the position of the wheel or the tiller, worry about where the boat is going. Loading, wind and in the ocean, currents all affect where a boat is going, which means the wheel may not be centered to go straight.
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