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Default First time ever boating.

Go slow and take your time as mentioned. Less speed less impact. I always tell people to keep hands and legs in while coming against a rock. Everyone wants to help but I just remind them 'the dock or boat will always win'. Learn how to read the water and play the wind. Surprisingly it can be harder to dock in intermittent wind then a steady breeze. Something I see people do a lot, turn your motor in neutral before putting into gear. Often in tight spots taking the time to turn in gear eats up all the real estate. Have fun, go easy with your crew. It's real easy for miscommunication and then no ones having fun. Have a good idea of your channels in time you'll memorize them. When you're running at speed it's hard to scramble with a chart and things happen fast. I do use Navionics on iPhone for salt water and find its good coverage for the lake.

A good thing to remember is the 'law' of gross tonnage. The may not always has the the right of way. But if they're bigger just move over. Often they may be less maneuverable and confined by draft etc.

Another good way to learn is watching how the boat reacts backing away from a dock. Turn the wheel put in reverse. You'll have the dock to see how the boat behaves in relation to a fixed object.

Have fun!

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