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Island Girl's tie up advice is absolutely right. (Tie the middle first). On a rental boat, there may not be a center cleat to tie to. I've had to add such a cleat to some of my boats. Second choice is to tie the stern first. I see a lot of people with the crew member in the bow. They tie the bow first, too short, and there is no way to get the stern into the dock. Being in the bow, the crew member wants to reach out (natural reaction) and grab a dock post. Then they try to hang on when the helmsman puts the engine in reverse to slow or to pull the stern into the dock in reverse. Much yelling ensues, none of it useful. Put the crew member in the stern where there is more control and they have more freeboard (hull depth) to brace against.

Never try to save a bad landing (pilot talk). Back out all the way, not just a little. Bad landings are often the result of a bad approach. At a public dock or marina, if you back out all the way, this gives others on the dock time to walk over and assist with lines, etc. There is nothing wrong with accepting such help. I belong to a small club with very experienced captains. Any boat that comes in gets assistance from those on the dock. It's just courtesy.
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