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Originally Posted by jeffk View Post
1) Get into an open area and play with the boat to get used to how it handles; starting up and slowing down. Practice trimming out the motor. Practice docking VERY slowly. Coast in. If it is windy you WILL probably have trouble docking right. Better to do it several times slowly rather than trying to power in too fast and end up smashing into something. Do NOT try to stop the motion of the boat with your hands, you will hurt yourself. The smaller the boat is, the more trouble you will have with waves and boat chop. Keep away from big boats; their wake can really screw you up. Remember if you are within 150 of ANYTHING you should be going VERY slowly, even if they are stupid and are going faster. Remember boating is a 360 degree operational environment. While most of your attention is starboard forward, you should be aware of boats all around you.

2)Go slow. Study where you want to go. If things don't look right, stop and look around. If you go by a numbered buoy, check that the number on it is what you expect. Do NOT try to get into tight places. Stay out of the shoals. Look for and pay attention to the suggested navigation lines on the map. I would suggest you plan to be at your dock before sunset. Being inexperienced and out at night is a tough combination.

3) Be aware that the lake is unusually low so allow that somewhat shallow places may not be navigable.

4) Be sure to have the number of the Marine Patrol and the people you are renting from in case you get into trouble.

5) Have fun. There are lots of wide open spaces on the lake and amazing scenery. Shopping and restaurants available from the water in Meredith, Wolfeboro, Alton Bay, and Center Harbor.
Thanks Jeff, docking is probably the most intimidating part of the trip right now, I was planning on spending a good portion of afternoon 1 on just that, maneuvering and docking and getting a feel for how it handles. I doubt I will be venturing into any tight places, probably just hitting the big places staying on suggested routes, I figured if the route works for the Mt. Washington it'll work for me.
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