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Originally Posted by DickR View Post
Ultimately I bought four six-packs of 1/4" orange rods w/reflective tape for $6/pack at Ocean State. I used a 12" landscaping timber spike and hammer to punch the hole, slipped the rod in, and hammered the sides of the hole to tamp the dirt in around the rod. A couple of days later, a landscaping truck placing mulch on a neighbor's property ran over three of them. I trimmed them back past the break, filed a point, and reset the now shorter rods. We'll see how long they last. The orange rods aren't that easily seen this time of year, but at night those reflective strips really show up, and the orange rod ought to show well against snow.
I should have posted at I add a short piece of orange ribbon to each of them at the top. About 18 inches long...essentially two 9 inch (strips/flags)
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