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Originally Posted by Kings Bluff View Post
Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin
Bottom line people keep investing at the lake, be it developing their lake front property, or multiple family members investing in boats.... At time the docks at a multi boat home are empty, meaning 2 or more vessels out on the water.....

Winnipesaukee, is a paradise, one could argue it has been developed too far. But there isn't a singular problem. There are many, and many people and entities to blame.

I am not worried about the next economic down turn changing things on the lake...... I am worried about the over use of the lake bring about change, as water quality continues to go down. The area has already lost its charm as a place to get away.... its already too crowded to get away from anything.....
Thank you for your comments. Maybe I am showing my age-ism a little bit here, but after 65 summers on the lake I've seen the water quality change from over 40'visibility to less than 20'; from drinking water pumped directly out of the lake to having to drill a 360' well; from people coming to the lake to enjoy the quiet, the trees, and the lake to 40'boats roaring up and down the lake that could be heard for several miles, and people clear-cutting their land to get a better view while we have to look at an eyesore in the forest; from small, quaint summer cottages to McMansions (however you want to define that); from fishermen and their small, wooden boats with 25HP Evenrudes at 5am to boats with every electronic gadget imaginable out catching fish as easily as shooting fish in a barrel; from leisurely rides to town on Sunday to having to leave your boat in the dock after 10am rather than having to brave the washing machine waves of the Weirs. The lake has gone from the idealic lake so beautifully depicded in Peter Ferber's paintings to something out of Picasso. Yes, the lake has changed in 65 years, and none of it for the better. But I still wouldn't trade my summers at Winnipesaukee for a vacation anywhere else in the world. There is still something magical about the place.
It's unfortunate but these problems aren't just confined to the lake. I've lived in my Ma neighborhood for 65 years also and when I was a little guy there were very few houses and our neighbors were like family. Now I hardly know any of my neighbors and traffic is so bad that I can't get out of my own driveway from 8am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm.
Progress comes at a cost and sometimes we don't realize that cost until many years later.
It seems like everything takes a back seat today to the race for the almighty buck!
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