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Originally Posted by Susie Cougar View Post
Urine is sterile and is made up of 95% water. And fish pee in the water too.These are the two rebuttals that I have heard justifying why peeing in the lake is OK.
I decided to do a little research. It didnít take long to find a lot of information. Some of what I found is:
Human urine is different than fish urine, it contains urea. Urea helps the body read itself of nitrogen. The nitrogen in urea acts as a fertilizer.

In 2012, Time Magazine ran an article about a lake in Germany that was closed due to excessive algae bloom. Researchers determined that fish had been poisoned due to a significant amount of human urine in the lake.

I mentioned in a previous thread about the big problems in Mexico. After analyzing the nutrients that were released from the ground water into the ocean from the thousands of hotels along the Mexican Riviera, they found nitrates and phosphates that come from human waste, mostly urine, are suffocating the coral as well.

The great barrier reef in Australia has put up signs warning people not to pee around the coral because it is being destroyed.

So for all you people who donít mind swimming in the pee, maybe you should start thinking in a different way.
As I said before, there are warnings all around us. We canít ignore whatís going on in other places and say itís not going to happen here.

Someone said that the pee was not killing the fish. I guess it is after all.
Do you live by the shore either on Winnipesaukee, the gulf coast, or both?
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