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Originally Posted by brk-lnt View Post
The lake is "treated" by virtue of massive dilution effect, and thousands of gallons of new water entering almost daily.

Anyone who is worried about urine at a sandbar, but not about fish and duck excrement in the water, is using some very strange logic.

Hanging out at the sandbar is fun, and I am not so foolish as to think the rest of the world is "sterile" relative to a sandbar. There is probably more "urine" on the door handles of most public places than there is at the average sandbar at peak discharge
Do you know how many diseases are passed through bodily fluids. Like I said, if you like it have at it! I'll pass.
Nurses and doctors wear gloves, masks, and scrubs before they touch other people bodily fluids but you people think it's fun to swim in it.
I'm, by no means, a sterilization freak but the thought of standing or swimming in a area with 100's of drunk people peeing is not my idea of fun. To each his own.
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