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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
If you do the math, you'll discover that worrying about urine there is absurd. If you count only the water that is over the sandbar, about 4 million gallons, and assume 400 people (4 people per boat on average) release 2 quarts of urine each, the water will contain .005% urine. Of course the water over the sand mixes with the other much deeper water in the bay and not many people are going to release a half gallon of urine, so the mix is surely one tenth of that or less. Also, don't forget urine is utterly harmless to humans and made up of 95% water.

The popular sand bars look really crowded because of the boats. If you take all the boats out and leave just the people, it would not be at all crowded at roughly 100 people per acre.
Well that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, YUK! With that kind of reasoning there's no reason to have a bathroom sink, just wash up in the toilet.
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