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Originally Posted by Susie Cougar View Post
So Woodsy, whatís the answer?
Do you let 200 boats anchor there every day? Do you let 300 boats?

I donít know what the answer is, but something has to be done soon. Itís just going to get worse and worse.
One reason its getting worse, more crowded on the lake is because marinas that run out of dock/slip space start building dry rack storage and that adds even more boats to the lake. West Alton Marina I think was approved for 200 more slips?

As far as Braun Bay/Smalls Cove (sandbars), there is a capacity, only so many boats can fit. I don't think its any worse than when I first went to Braun and Smalls in the 80's. I recall them being crazy and crowded to capacity back then as well. It may even be better now as most boats did not have heads or porta pots back then.
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