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Default Sandbars

Iím glad the issue of the sandbars has been brought up again. As much as I hate to see over 100 boats anchored in Braun Bay with people standing in their own urine, I feel that the Diveís presence there was actually a little positive. It at least gave the people a chance to get out of the water and use the restroom.

People have been looking for a place to anchor and swim forever. It started to be a big issue in the Kona Farm area starting in the late 70s when boats would anchor in front of others homes. There was a lot of anger and shouting on both sides.

So it was a good thing initially that these few boats found Braun Bay. But why the town or the state has let so many boats go there and pollute not only the water, but are affecting the peace and quality of life of all the neighbors who owns waterfront as well.

If one thing is obvious, itís that there will be more and more people wanting to access the lake and fewer and fewer places for these people to go.

Does anyone know, why the state park land in Braun Bay has never been developed? There are many, many acres there that could be utilized in someway to get the people out of the water.

When I first saw pictures of the Dive in Braun Bay this summer, my thought came to the state park land. Why canít they put docks in so the boats can tie up? Why canít they have a few picnic tables? Why canít they have a few porta potties or other low-cost bathroom facilities?
Everyone would be responsible for taking their garbage with them, as so many parks are now.
If the boats are going to constantly use this area, I feel that it should be more regulated. And there should be a limit as to how many boats are allowed every day.
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