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Originally Posted by ApS View Post
The Professor is absolutely right.

It's Reality.

Furniture at yard sales in Florida sell for nothing, yet the owners paid dearly to move them. I bought my first "Lazy Boy" chair for $5—shortly afterwards, a neighbor offered me two leather Lazy Boys for free!

There is no market for "used furniture". (And yours is "used").

Even auction houses turn away antique-furniture formerly valued in the thousand$. In Ossipee, I've seen them going out the door for $10 and $15!

Using a local Carroll County mover to transport their furniture, my Dad moved in the opposite direction, including a collection of perhaps a hundred pounds of crystal. Not one piece arrived intact! The mover folded.

While such income tax deductions are still available, donate the furniture to St. Vincent dePaul or Salvation Army. The latter has a definite knack for pricing furniture fairly and firmly; still, that furniture does not "fly out the door".


My friend and his wife did a cross country move a few years ago and he told me it was an interesting exercise walking around the house trying to decide if things were worth 85 cents per pound. Most stuff isn't unless it has sentimental value.

I have been trying to get rid of all my parents antiques from their house in California. Good luck trying to sell an antique spinning wheel on the west coast.
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