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Originally Posted by DickR View Post
Every November, before the ground freezes, I place some plowing stakes, a few along the edges of my driveway but mostly along the last stretch of road coming down into where I am. Without these, the plow tends to take corners too wide in places. Although plowing done along the road by the town and at driveways by other contractors usually takes out a fair number of the stakes, at least the snow pile at the sides becomes enough to guide subsequent plowing.
First, I have no dog in this fight. I am not, nor have I ever been a "plow guy".

That being said... Neither the Town nor the State care where you plant your stakes. The job is to clear the roads for everyone and they can not be parsing every street to find property lines VIA stakes planted by residents.

FWIW, I pay my "plow guy" to clear the snow from a 'side' parking space' that is on the street. It is a space that is banned parking from Nov-Apr... but I want is cleared anyway.
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