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Originally Posted by stingray View Post
My wife and I invested in a second home in Laconia a few years ago with a goal of making it a retirement home.

We often discuss the huge missing potential we see with the city and the missing leadership that must have enabled this situation.

Why hasnít the city leveraged its most precious natural resource when compared to Meredith, Wolfeboro, Alton, Center Harbor? Laconia resides over so much more water.

Lakeport and the east side of Paugus Bay is an incredible missed opportunity. Just think of what the area would transform into if every commercial property had provided public boat access and the WOW trail extended up the east side to the Weirs and into Gilford.

The real estate in the Lakeport area would improve so much that the welfare seekers would either join the growth or move on to the next depressed area.

We will never totally eliminate homelessness, drug addicts, sex offenders; but, why enable a safe haven for them to thrive and recycle the next generation?

All true to some extent. Why enable.
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