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Being I am not living up there yet (still waiting for house to be finished) I probably shouldn't comment but I will.

Laconia to me has a lot of potential. It reminds me of Newburgh, NY in my neck of the woods. Newburgh used to be awesome back in the old days but as the riff raff began to invade it- drugs, prostitution, crime, etc. - it went way down hill. Welfare city with quite a lot of poverty. Illegal immigrants everywhere. Some homeless people. Over the years a lot has been done to try to reverse it. Nice restaurants on the waterfront, breweries, some renovations of older homes, new businesses coming in. Some long time businesses hanging in there.

Hospital went through a massive renovation years ago to address the fact that people did not want to go downtown out of fear. They built a huge parking garage and so forth as well. Merged with a NYC hospital to improve it's reputation and survive the health care environment.

But- with the riff raff still hanging around it puts a limit on how much can be fixed. To this day, I try to avoid going there as much as possible for fear of being a crime victim. I don't like to even drive through it.

I asked our son about the current WOW trail as I would like to use it for exercise once up there. He said there are parts that are sketchy to walk through. Feels it is safer on a bike (of which we do not have). Other parts he says are ok.

Just don't write off Laconia as of yet.

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