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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
If Andrew Hosmer were here, I'd ask him ..... as Mayor of Laconia ..... how come it is so difficult to find a low priced suv, not a Jeep, with a 5-speed, stick shift and a clutch pedal ..... these days. How come I can get a Kia Soul with a stick shift but not a Kia Sportage or a Ford Explorer with a stick ....... that's my question, Mr Mayor to be?
I don't think Andrew Hosmer has anything to do with the dealership any longer. From an outsider's perspective, it appears that he's had a hard time sticking to any job, whether it be an assistant district attorney, an auto dealership executive, a consultant, etc. At a minimum, one would think they could concoct a do-nothing job at AutoServe for him. It appears he's doing this because he's bored.

My vote is for Spanos. At least he brings some level of fiscal responsibility to the council. Also, he's a proponent of the tax cap.
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