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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
It should also be noted that on the west coast, every city that is overwhelmed with homeless has openly advertised they are "sanctuary" cities, all but begging to be overrun with illegals crossing the borders and bums from all over the country. Once there are promised and often times get lots of "free" stuff, and minimal, if not outright guarantees that law enforcement will not hassle them or any of their extra curricular activates.

These cities have created this problem by making themselves a magnet and now in all their glorious virtue have created a major mess and of course have no solution for it and I question if they even give a damn. Think Nancy Pelosi for example has a clue what is going on in her district? The woman can't even come up with two back to back coherent words never mind a rational thought. This is a self inflicted problem and it's sad, in fact it is a tragedy yet those responsible smugly look on and do nothing or just point the finger at somebody else if they even choose to acknowledge there is a problem in the first place.

The solution to the issues that Laconia faces is easy enough to solve, but the overly sensitive public is to afraid to face the reality that not everything can be solved with rainbows and unicorns feel good theories of utopia coming out of the mouths of all these politicians. In other words somebody has to put on their big boy pants and actually SOLVE the problem, not study it, throw money at it or deny it is even a problem. So far the only things I have heard is lipstick on a pig.
This. Every article you read about homelessness starts out with "affordable housing" But the guy on the corner wearing 6 pairs of pants and yelling at the stop sign is not a rent payment away from the American dream. The mental hospitals were just transferred to the prisons. It's sad, we spend plenty of money but most of it is directed at encouraging the problems.

Most of the east has less of a problem with vagrancy simply because of the climate
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