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Originally Posted by macbeth View Post
What exactly are these challenges you so speak about. It's the same problem other then we don't have a Main st.
Ask anyone that lives in Laconia for any length of time. Also actually stop and ask police officer, off the record. Please just ask and get the true first hand info.
The city faces many challenges but none of which I feel are entirely unique to Laconia, and none of which are issues that other cities haven't faced and overcome before. Of the most glaring are; a lack of affordable, middle income housing, lack of industry and the associated job market to support more of the cities residents and the drug epidemic.

I grew up in the Lakes Region, have been a resident of Laconia for 12+ years, a property owner for 10+, and have also recently invested in downtown business. Does that qualify my opinion as that of someone who has lived in Laconia for any length of time? Lastly, I am in fact good friends with several members of LPD as well as LFD, so I have plenty of "first hand" information.
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