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Isn't there a homeless shelter on nearby Union Ave that sends the homeless out at 8am, or sometime, every day, so's they go hit the public library area.

Like this morning, it is pouring rain hard, so's if you got no home and no car ..... where do you go ..... the public library would be at the top of my list ..... it has comfy chairs, indoor toilets with hot water sinks, and free-to-use internet so one can kill some time writing posts on this here Winni Forum!

It even has books to read. Supposedly, people doing long time in prison do a lot of reading books from the prison library. Isn't this correct!

The drug users probably just want to escape their miserable life, so they do drugs, and go escape themself.

I still say that Laconia would be a happier and more livable place if linden trees got planted all over, wherever one will grow and be a happy LINDEN growing in LACONIA.
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!
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