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Originally Posted by CooperS7777 View Post
I couldn't agree more.

Laconia's downtown is heading in the right direction, its certainly not in a thing of the past. Its clear for anyone whose spent time down there over the past decade that there are many great new, thriving business which are here for the long term and that improvements, though no moving at the pace most would like, are happening. Anyone can form an opinion based upon what "people have posted", it takes a little more effort to get out and see for yourself.

The real problem is the people who are stuck blaming its "demise" on decisions made 50+ years ago and who unwilling to face the challenges we face today in turning it into a great place yet again.
What exactly are these challenges you so speak about. It's the same problem other then we don't have a Main st.
Ask anyone that lives in Laconia for any length of time. Also actually stop and ask police officer, off the record. Please just ask and get the true first hand info.
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