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Default ....... linden trees!

Plant a linden tree, a hardy tree that does good in urban areas, along Union Ave, to bring large green trees back into the city ........ plant linden trees along Union Ave!

Union Ave used to be all Victorian homes and elm trees ..... and planting new trees could be a long term, grow-a-tree type of a plan for Laconia.

Plant a linden tree in Laconia ....... and, watch it grow.

Do a google search for 'linden tree in urban area', and look at the photos. Lindens are common in Belarus, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Ukraine with a climate similar to New Hampshire. Union Ave would be greatly improved with some linden trees .... plus, it's a low cost to plant one. You just dig a big hole, and plop it into the ground ....... done! ...... plus the city already has a big yellow digger machine ..... and, the new mayor can then say "just look at all these beautiful new linden trees, here in Laconia!"
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