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Originally Posted by Just Wonderin View Post
We'll be moving from Moultonborough to Tampa. We do not wish to pack or move ourselves and are not interested in the option of a Pod. We would like a recommendation for a mover that can come to our home, pack all of our items, and deliver them to Florida.

Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with movers in the state. I would prefer a company that doesn't sub the move out to another company.
A few hints.

Having done this a few times. The moving and the driving of movers extra automobile.

What is the square footage of leaving home and what is square footage of new home? Compare the two. Even compare the square footage of each room.

Florida homes don't have basements as a general rule. So if you are moving "stuff" from the basement - you now have to store stuff in garage. Most garages in Florida are on the smaller side to begin with.

Take only real personal items and as little furniture as possible. Get new furniture for the new house. Items that will fit in to each room properly.
Sell or give away anything that is not a prized possession. Time to destroy all of the boxes of papers dating back to the 1960's. Not needed.

I have viewed homes down South where the garage is full of boxes and "stuff" - and there is no room to park cars in the garage. The last thing you want is to park any car outside home in Florida and not in garage.

Most (not all) moving companies make at least one transfer of your items. If you have any expensive furniture make sure all is padded properly AND check what insurance that you and the moving company has including deductibles. If you have expansive electronic items - double box it before the movers come.

Many have good positive experiences in moving - also there are horror stories. Anything from damages goods, to missing goods, to "unloading" fees at destination. I have yet to personally find any mover that actually shows up at destination at stated date.

Take inventory of what is moving and take pictures. I have seen some who purchase inexpensive numbered stickers. Each item gets a number. Makes it easier when all is unloaded in Florida. Items can go "missing". Either dropped off at wrong house or for other reasons.

As stated above, I recommend Ray the Mover out of Manchester.

Best of luck.
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