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Originally Posted by Winilyme View Post
Originally Posted by jeffk View Post
When we forego the large, unjustified markups of our home prices if we had chosen to sell recently, the marinas may choose to limit their slip prices to to what their "costs" are.
Now that’s a good point.
Is it? I'm trying to figure out the math, and it would seem that the homeowner selling at a markup benefits once whereas the marina will benefit in perpetuity. I mean, sure, prices *might* come down a bit in the following years, but there's no way it'll ever be matched to the declines in value.

I mean, if my house was being rented, I wouldn't be doubling the rent just because the value of the home went up 50%, right? It might happen over a decade or so, but in two years?

That's like Dave Ramsey trying to justify tenants moving out after he raised the rents solely to match the *market*.

Just thinking out loud here, but it reeks of gouging.

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