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Originally Posted by Cal-to-NH View Post
Here is a draft of the STR ordinance:

It looks very much like what the State of NH is trying to put in place state-wide.
Looks like that first inspection, septic system inspection, fire and safety issues, ability to remove rubbish, etc... put a pretty healthy burden on the permit applicant.

It also states explicitly that there are a number of infractions that will cause the permit to be revoked. The infractions seem reasonable as well.

I agree with Stevengilford. Some on this forum will read it and say this amounts to absolutely nothing (some already have!). Others will say if this is truly and competently enforced, that it should do the trick, and that's "Their read".
Not accurate on people calling this absolutely nothing--we called the state allowing towns to do what towns already have the right to do, absolutely nothing.

But focusing on the issues--this looks pretty good for what's in the document, but without knowing Gilford's definition of noise, as referenced in the link, it's hard to know if this is meaningful. I hope others know the answer here.

One other thing I infer from the document and some comments above--the issue is not small homes renting to a single family of four, for example. It's mid-size or larger homes with groups of adults having vacation fun night after night. Understandable
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