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There have been some really interesting discussions on this recently. The Senate Bill referenced above does one single thing: removes the prerogative of localities to decide what is best for them: ban or approve STRs. Instead STRs will be legitimized everywhere.

In Gilford there are 2 open questions:

1) Should STRs be allowed in residential zones

New Hampshire Municipal Association makes a strong case the in an area like Gilford, under current zoning, they are not allowed -

A close reading of Gilford zoning ordinances seems to conform to this reasoning.

However currently, in practice, STRs exist in Gilford and the town takes no action against them.


2) If STRs are allowed, should they be regulated?

Which is what the proposed ordinance would do.

This is creating a very confusing position where some people are advocating against the ordinance because they don't want their STRs regulated by the town, and other people are also advocating against the ordinance because they don't want STRs legitimized... quite a pickle!
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