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Wink Now, Pepe le Pew...and an Owl...!

Originally Posted by tis View Post
I saw a bear and two cubs on Waumbeck Rd, APS. They go down to Highland Terrace at least and halfway to Carry Beach down your road so it wouldn't surprise me if they went a little further to your place. But then again it could be different ones. A mother and three cubs have been spotted by the Yum Yum Shop and a mother and two cubs have been seen by the Wolfeboro Inn. Same ones???? It does make you wonder or are there a lot of different ones?
I suspect the Waumbeck bear and cubs are the same as the Carry Beach bunch. My Dad lived halfway between those two places, and had them traipsing through the yard—stopping to bend the iron stand the bird feeder was hanging from!

Though they seldom appear "in public", there are probably several bear families around these parts. (And remnants of forested Carroll County landscapes in which to find hibernating grounds).

While having three cubs is rare, a northern New Hampshire photographer spent weeks in the field to capture this bear mom's quintuplets—as new cubs and a year later—as yearlings! They've tolerated his presence for many months, so others have nicknamed the photographer, "The Bear Whisperer".

Even this family's second bear generation has tolerated his presence, and was also photographed—all available as a Kindle e-book.

The bird feeder on the porch got mobbed late this afternoon by Red- and Gray-Squirrels—unusual enough this year—then a huge owl landed above, on the roof! The Grays started making their "barking" sounds and slinked away.

Because of Flying Squirrels (the only rodent to feed directly from the feeder), the feeder is brought in for the night. Adding to all this September's critters, this evening's air was punctuated with the odor of skunk!

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