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Wink Bears, Bald Eagles, Bobcats...Oh My...!

Yesterday, I was standing in my driveway when hearing a "hail" from the waterfront. It was a "yout" on a SUP, alerting me to a Black Bear and two cubs in the roadway just 200-feet distant. So I went indoors, and brought the bird feeder with me!

Although Black Bear sightings are common in Wolfeboro and Tuftonboro, this is the first such sighting in all the years I've been located here on Wolfeboro Neck. (Plus a Bobcat sighting earlier this season!)

There's a lot of other wildlife showing-up since this summer's lakefront din has quieted: just a minute ago, there were three Bald Eagles flying together! Where would Mom-Eagle, Dad-Eagle, and Junior have come from, I wonder?

A Tufted Titmouse just did some crazy circles on the porch, and a Chipmunk has been glaring at me to hang the bird feeder back up—on the porch.

I prefer my smaller wildlife visitors.
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