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Originally Posted by SIKSUKR View Post
Appreciate the video HN but its so big I'm missing what's happening trying to find the action.Up,down,left right.
Instead of saving the video like you would an image, you need to send it to

This is done by clicking on the icon that has three curving arrows pointing upwards which is to the left of the save icon.

When you click on the three arrow icon, you will notice that it will say “uploading your file” and the round yellow ball at the top of your screen will have arrows going counter clockwise and will stay that way until it is completely uploaded. Once the rotating arrows stop, then the file is in screencast. A video will take more time than an image to upload.

Now you need to go to and log on to find the video that you just sent.

After logging on, go to “My Library” and you will find it beside the Jing folder or in the Jing folder. You might have to click on the “Jing” folder to find the video.

Once you fine the video, click on it and look at the “Details” which is at the bottom of your video. Then click on the share tab and you will find “Embed on your page”. Copy that code and then paste it into the reply box of the post that you are replying to. Or you can copy the URL and then put that in as an attachement.

It looks like a lot of things that you have to do, but just like anything else, "practice makes perfect" (or something like that)
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