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Originally Posted by DEJ View Post
The everstart will be fine for your rig. After a day of sandbar use do not assume the outboard will fully charge it. When at your dock putting a battery charger on it after a day of heavy use will help the battery last along time.

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I've thought about the charging aspect, especially given the comments on the other battery thread about charging rates at idle vs. high RPM. Though we typically cruise home at a decent pace, I'm thinking since the battery sits (connected) for a week or so in-between use, a charging apparatus might be useful.

There's no power where I beach the boat, so I'd be looking to do solar. I'm guessing I can rig up an easy clamp for the bimini pole and run the wires under the playpen cover to the battery.

What would I be looking for on a solar charger for amperage?

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