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Originally Posted by codeman671 View Post
It can be done. You are allowed a certain percentage of impact within the 50' setback. You would need to prepare a shoreland plan with DES, then go to the town for a variance. It is a lot of work.

FWIW, to add 4' to the front I'd consider just doing it.
Adding anything to the outside of your home in this day and age is risky business without a permit.
I'm sure they can access any shoreline through Google Earth and see if there are any additions that were not performed with a permit, although I would think someone would have to bring it to their attention.
I'm building a new deck on the back of my house and I'm extending it out 5 more feet. I was just going to do it without a permit but I decided against it. It's not worth the risk, applied for a permit Thursday, $30.

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