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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post ..... What do restaurants pay for food relative to normal grocery store prices?

Am trying to think of something intelligent to say here about the difference between restaurant food delivered by a large Sysco truck as opposed to the restaurant buying their restaurant food at the local super market. There's got to be a lot more to this than a supposedly lower price which is probably not the true real reason.
Price is certainly major motivator to use a purveyor. It is not uncommon for a major purveyor to make one stop and drop off supplies for a restaurant and then the next stop is at a grocery store. If a grocery store marks it up 20%, that as a significant influence on the restaurant. Restaurant food cost should have her somewhere around 27%. Therefore a $5 piece of meat should sell for somewhere around $18.50. A $6 piece of meet (20% more) should sell for $22.25. That is a significant difference in the mind of a consumer.

This “no help” day and age, the more costly impact would be time required to go pick from the grocery store shelf.
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