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Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
My comments had zero to do with racism, systematic or otherwise. I also work in China, agree with your statements about them, and know that the Chinese government wants as many consumers of their goods on the planet as possible. I am not making assertions- I have merely stated that there is a BSL 4 in Wuhan and it is widely believed that the CV19 outbreak started in that city. Coincidence? Very possible, but in any investigation, all leads need to be followed.

If you want to think I am sitting in my office with a tin foil hat on, so be it. I comment on things I have first hand knowledge about. I have worked on 2 completed and operating US BSL 4s in the past 10 years and am working on another right now.
I appreciate your experience, and I'm pretty sure that everything you've said is correct in the strict sense. The problem that I have is the context. To me and many other people, the Trump administration has worked hard to deflect blame for the crisis in the US by pointing fingers at anybody else available. One of those fingers has been pointed at China. That particular finger has vaguely racist overtones.

I trust you recognize this as a pretty standard part of the Trump playbook, and also from some posts here that gratuitously drop in China with every mention of the virus and also take every chance possible to blame someone other than the WH. I'm not saying your posts are part of a political calculation, only that they echo those of some very calculating politicians.
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