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Originally posted by Lakesrider
As far as having them do a turn and follow I can attest to that one. Right at the beginning of the season I was heading from the ramp in Center Harbor to my dock at Quayside/Trexlers. MP boat spotted me as I was the only one out there. Came by me, but farther than 150'. He then turned a 180, crossed my wake and started to follow me around the point. So I simply turned to starboard and made a complete 360 crossing his wake and started following him. And him me. I figured he was going to throttle down, but he didn't and continued off toward Long Island.
I always tell family and friends that are headed to the lake, especially early and late in the season, that when they see a MP boat head in another direction because they are generally bored and are looking for "something" to do and you could become that "something"!

Originally posted by VtSteve
It sounds like many of them have the typical small town sheriff syndrome. I don't think anyone could have any admiration for those actions, it's childish, and it's a waste of resources. They already are way behind the curve on getting the real problems solved, so it's ridiculous that they try to create situations where none exist.

They either need to grow up, or get the heck out of the biz.
Many of them are seasonal kids...etc. Not year round MPOs. That may account for what I call the small town sheriff cowboy attitude that some have.
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