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BTW I don't think the MP are ruining boating. Like any other law enforcement operation, there are lot of seriously dedicated people working for crappy pay, doing whatever is needed to keep people safe. And yes there are always a couple of meatheads.

There does seem to be a intentional effort recently to use their boats and the 150' rule to either slow traffic or instigate an interaction. I could be imagining it. But a few weeks ago an MP seemed to try and pinch me between himself and some markers, I either had to slow or violate the 150' rule. There was no traffic and no other reason for his move.

Last weekend a MP boat sat at idle in between Belknap point, FL26 and Lockes Island, spaced so that you could not easily pass him without violating the 150' rule to him or to shore. There was no other obvious reason to stop there. He could have moved 200' feet either way and opened up room for boats to pass on plane.
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